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Frequently asked questions

 Why do all employees need fire safety training?

Fire safety training is essential for all employees to ensure they understand how to prevent fires, respond effectively in case of a fire emergency, and understand the use of fire safety equipment. This training helps in minimising the risk of fire-related incidents and ensures a safer work environment. Knowledge of fire safety can also be crucial in saving lives and reducing property damage.

How often should fire safety training take place?

While most organisations conduct training every three years.

It is recommended that fire safety training be conducted annually. This helps in refreshing the knowledge and skills of the employees and also updates them on any new fire safety protocols or changes in evacuation routes and procedures.

How often should fire drills be conducted?

Fire drills should ideally be conducted at least twice a year  for low-risk organisations. However, they should be conducted more frequently for high-risk organisations and where we have multiple shift patterns.
Preschools are required to carry out monthly drills.
Regular drills help employees familiarise themselves with evacuation procedures, ensuring they can evacuate quickly and safely in an actual emergency. It also helps in identifying and addressing any issues or bottlenecks in the evacuation plan.

Who should provide fire safety training?

Fire safety training should be provided by qualified professionals with expertise in fire safety and emergency response. This could be an internal safety officer trained in fire safety or an external fire safety consultant. The trainer should have practical experience and up-to-date knowledge of fire safety standards and regulations.

Our course have been put together by some of the best trainers and fire safety experts in the business. 

The fantastic thing about online training is that you can guarantee the consistency of the training for every employee.

Why should we have trained fire wardens at work?

Trained fire wardens play a critical role in the event of a fire emergency. They help in managing the evacuation process, ensuring that all employees are accounted for, and assisting in emergency procedures. Fire wardens can also act as a point of contact for the emergency services and help in preventing panic among employees.

How many fire warden should we have an organisation?

The number of fire wardens required depends on the size and layout of the workplace, the risk of fire within the building, as well as the number of employees.
A general rule of thumb is to have one fire warden for every 20 employees. However, in larger buildings or complex work environments, more wardens may be necessary to ensure a safe and effective evacuation process.
In the ideal world all employees would be trained as fire wardens, this way we could cover for holidays, absenteeism and shiftwork.

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