Polish Online Manual Handling Theory Course
Theory Certificate Awarded

Our Polish online manual handling theory course is suited for employees who's first language is Polish and are working in Ireland. This video based course is fully dubbed into Polish with full
Polish voice over and Polish support transcript. This theory course is designed for those involved in low risk work that does not require practical manual handling lifting or those that have arranged a practical lifting session as part of their training.
Our Polish online manual handling theory course is based on the HSA's guide to manual handling and covers law, anatomy, injury, dynamic risk assessment and explains lifting techniques in detail. Our course teaches employees and employers to identify hazardous manual handling and implement appropriate solutions to avoid the need to lift. 

Polish Online Manual Handling Key Points

  • Polish Language
  • Polish Transcript C C
  • Theory Certificate Awarded
  • 70 Mins Duration 
  • Covers Irish Legislation
  • Video Your Practical Session
  • 100% Online Training
  • Upload Your Practical Videos

Polish Online Manual Handling Course Content

  • 5 Modules
  • 1 Theory  Certification
  • 30 Questions
  • 56 Micro Learning Video
  • 8 Support Documents 
  • Built to the HSA's Guidance
  • Three Year Certificate

Course Aim

The aim of this Polish Online Manual Handling Theory Course is to teach Polish speaking employees and employers about: 
  • Manual handling law in Ireland
  • Basic anatomy
  • Types of injuries caused by manual handling
  • Risk of injury from manual handling
  • How to identify manual handling risks
  • Solutions to manual handling hazard

Course Objective

At the end of this course you will be able to:
  • explain the legislation relating to manual handling
  • understand what makes a good manual handling lift
  • identify manual handling hazards
  • understand the type of injuries you are likely to get from manual handling
  • identify solutions to manual handling problems

Who Should Attend This Online Manual Handling Theory Course and Why?

Under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Section 10, all employers are required to provide health and safety training to their employees, this includes manual handling training where employees are required to handle loads that might result in injury, particularly to the back due to the workplace ergonomics or unfavourable ergonomic conditions of the load.
Where employees are not involved in manual handling they don't necessarily need manual handling practical training training, contrary to what many instructors will tell you. See HSA Myth 4
However, there is still a requirement that all employees receive training in the basic knowledge of how to avoid risk from manual handling. That's where our online theory course meets your legal requirement for training.
If an employee is not required to lift a hazardous load, for example a ream of paper lifted from a shelf to another is not considered hazardous load, then you do not need practical manual handling training, just awareness training.
If you work in a low risk job (from a manual handling point of view) where you are not required to lift a load that might result in an injury particular to the back, this online manual handling theory course is perfect for you. 

Course contents

Features of this Polish Online Manual Handling Theory Course      
  • The Polish Online Manual Handling Theory Course is fully online      
  • It was developed and presented by our lead health and safety subject matter expert     
  • The course can be delivered on any device at any time      
  • The course takes about 70 minutes to complete 
  • The Polish online manual handling theory course is designed in micro lessons, that do not have to be completed in one sitting
  • There are tests at the end of each module, you must pass them to move to the next sections 
  • There is no limit on how many times you can take the test
  • This is the only course in Ireland that meets the exact requirements of "Chapter 5 of Part 2 Manual Handling of Loads Regulations"
  • This course was designed to meet the requirement of the HSA's guidance on manual handling training in Ireland

Benefits of this Online Manual Handling Theory Course 
  • Much more cost-effective than classroom-based training over 
  • You are not restricted to training at certain times
  • If you have questions, you can still contact our team, who will be delighted to help and give you advice on the manual handling
  • Online training is at least 50% cheaper than our nearest competitor, who are using Zoom or Teams 
  • Online courses are of shorter than classroom training as there is no detailed signing, introductions, small talk 
  • If you require multiple licences, we can offer excellent discounts
  • You can come back and take up from where you left off
  • Online safety training is completely risk free from Covid 19
  • You have access to the learning material for life, so you can refresh your training as many times as you like
Meet the instructor

Jason Kearns 

This online manual handling theory course has been developed and delivered by Jason Kearns. Jason has been involved in health and safety training since 1995. And has been teaching QQI level VI manual handling instructors for the past 10 years.
As a health and safety consultant Jason has conducted hundreds of manual handling risk assessments and identified solutions to problems and helping companies implement solutions to avoid risk from manual handling. 
Jason Kearns - Course author and presenter